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Network & community of numerous Geotech actors with immense opportunity and promise.
ProVatsalya welcomes both young and experienced talent who has firm conviction in themselves either as an intern or full-time employee. We help students to instill confidence in them and provide free internship opportunities to students with high-quality guidance in terms of knowledge and research.

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Zeal | Adaptability | Punctuality | Sincere | Career opportunity

  • As ProVatsalya Consulting services Pvt Ltd., we do believe that young and fresh minds are braver and more creative. If provided with appropriate exposure and opportunities, such minds can do miracles.
  • We, as Vatsalya, are very committed to developing the ability of the internship students by assigning them various real-world technical tasks, and research-oriented experimental assignments. Our engagement with interns is serious, and we also expect that the students that have serious career aspirations shall collaborate with us.
  • We believe that if good thought processes, critical thinking, research orientation, and multidimensional solution orientation are added to the intern's mind, they become the perfect persona to serve in the organizations seamlessly. We are convinced that such personas will be a precious resource for any group they might be working in.
  • Though, the process is challenging in terms of the selection of the right interns to put the effort into them. To mold a student into a reliable and important industry resource, we do expect a few attributes in a student before association with us- such as a zeal to work, adaptability to the assigned tasks, punctuality in attendance, a serious and sincere approach to follow the instructions, etc.
  • Being one of the leading companies in the Geo-technical engineering domain, we follow the strict policy of not taking any sort of financial benefits from academic students. So, our internship is totally free of cost. Besides we do provide a stipend to the desirable students observing them for initial 2 months.
  • The company also provides employment opportunities to a select few students that are associated with us for the internship program.

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Provatsalya Consulting services Pvt Ltd believes that the greatest strength of the company is its employees. For this, the company routinely puts efforts to find the right talents for the right jobs. Being a technologically oriented company, we always see that the employee stays in the right mindset throughout their time being associated with the company. For this, we do follow the policy of task-oriented work rather than time-oriented work; where employees always know about their work and never stay confused about their job. The company also provides a flexible environment for employees to choose their roles in the organization. Which we strictly believe, may prove as a pathfinder to a particular talent in the right career direction.

Some basic attributes of the right employee for us are their ability to understand/ assess the situation, open mind to look at those situations/problems positively, adaptability to look at those problems with a research mindset (Multidimensional imagination), ability to convert these problems in small scale experimental models and a self-motivated approach to reading/perform testing/analyze/write about it. Being a fast-growing market leader in geotechnical engineering, we understand the value of research and problem-solving in our area along with the routine services we provide in geotechnical engineering and various material testing.

Vatsalya Network
Networking helps us and our associates progress towards a better future together.
Despite having a complete dedication towards being a company to provide all the relevant services in geotechnical and civil engineering, we are also aware that a single company cannot do everything everywhere. For this, we have grown a superior and reliable chain of partial service providers throughout India. A properly organized utilization of those has proven very beneficial for our clients in terms of competitive quotes, timely execution of the project, ease in the project execution, superior accessibility and reach across the Indian subcontinent, assurance of quality under the umbrella of ProVatsalya consulting services and efficiency of operations with standard procedures as per NABL, IS codes, other national/ International guidelines, etc.
We are very much open to association with other small or big roleplayers in geotechnical and civil engineering adhering to the quality of services, timely delivery, and quality assurance as per ProVatsalya’s quality standards.
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