Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
Research is a continuous process that keeps technology and knowledge alive and progressing. Extensive learning, reading, and understanding any topic in detail are comprehensively called research. We, at ProVatsalya, are well-qualified and experienced in the field of research with our educational background.

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Research helps the society move forward. We are happy to be able to contribute to it.
A global provider of geotechnical services, we offer expert personnel and state-of-the-art resources, testing methods, and laboratories. With our unrivaled global network and experience, we are the first choice for civil engineering contractors, consultants, manufacturers, and government agencies from the Indian subcontinent.
Understanding and Accumulation
Presently civil engineering research is mainly being conducted in academia. The research and understanding is brought to the world by different research scholars and professors are really good. However, being limitedly exposed to real-world cases, these researches are mainly constrained to parametric studies, numerical analysis, analytical modeling, etc. Looking at the manifold challenges in civil engineering cases, there is a desperate need for the understanding of real project situations specifically in the geotechnical engineering domain. Attributed to this, Provatsalya consulting services Pvt Ltd mainly works on the evaluation of the performances of real-world cases (case studies) through our services like geotechnical investigation, NDTs, Material testing, post-failure investigations, post-failure analysis, etc. Which makes us understand the real case-specific issues adhered to the particular structures. This proves to be a reliable path for our clients to understand the scope and extent of the challenges pertaining to those projects.
Research, Exploring and Solution Mapping
Upon understanding the issues and challenges through investigation services, general procedure we follow to refer to the standard codes (IS codes and other national/ International guidelines) to explore the available solutions on the set of present site specific challenges. The important task in solution mapping is to find relevant codal guidelines given in either of the procedural codal guidelines like Indian standard codes, British Standard codes, ASTM guidelines, FHWA guidelines etc. Keeping in mind about the recent developments in engineering and technology, studies on different available literatures in the research domain is also done. A comprehensive literature review is also adopted as an integral part of the solution mapping. This makes ProVatsalya consulting services Pvt Ltd as a very reliable, technically superior yet economical and legally compliant solution mapper in the industry.
Publication Simplification, Modeling and In-Lab onboarding.
With the understanding that the soil is a natural and complex material, the behavioral patterns of the soil and soil structures vary significantly. This necessitates the need to investigate a particular problem with identical materials, boundary conditions as well as identical loading conditions. So, Provatsalya has developed a research facility to perform a series of small-scale model experiments. The basic aim behind the establishment of this facility is to investigate and model the geotechnical problems in complement with the actual field cases. This also facilitates us to look in the cases where the established solutions are not readily available. With our standard methodology of experimentation, validation techniques, and applicability to real field cases, the outcomes of the research are more realistic and further may find their applicability to similar cases all over the world. This motivates us to bring our research to various scientific journals and conferences so as to serve the purpose of our social responsibility toward the sharing of knowledge.
At-Scale Porting & Applicable Insights Handoff.
The applicability of the research and its compliance and validity with the field investigations is the basic motivation behind the whole exercise of the case studies and small-scale model studies. With consistent efforts, standard practices, creative research, and advanced evaluation the conclusive solutions derived from the various cases are very much applicable to the particular cases as well as may be generically usable by several practitioners in geotechnical engineering. We believe in and are strongly dedicated to application-oriented research and its at-scale porting through standard practices and innovative modeling.
Innovation Labs
Future ready, and analytical laborotiries.
Being the reliable consultant in geotechnical engineering in the market, we are equipped with a comprehensive laboratory (NABL accredited for more than 100 parameters) along with various setups for field tests as well. The laboratory is divided into different segments like Cement & concrete, Geotechnical, and transportation engineering. This facilitates and empowers us to evaluate the various material parameters as per the standard codal procedures such as IS Code, ASTM, BS codes, etc. Please click here, to know more about our laboratory equipment and other details.
Innovation in labs
Apart from the routine established services in the geotechnical engineering and material testing procedures established by Indian standard codes, we are also equipped with the experimental modeling & testing facility. This facility empowers us to perform small-scale modeling of various real-world geotechnical engineering field structures. Such small-scale model experiments help effectively in the evaluation of the performance aspects of the field structures. Further, the critical state evaluation of the experimental models also brings insights into the post-failure investigations and analysis of the field structures. The motivation behind the small-scale model studies begins with the evaluation of the existing field structure and is further extended to the various parametric evaluations in combination with the recent advances made in civil and geotechnical engineering.
Test Methodologies
The laboratory test facility (NABL accredited), and field exploration capability (NABL accredited) in conjunction with the research facility gives us the opportunity to investigate as well as innovate in the geotechnical engineering areas. Field explorations, field tests, and laboratory tests are strictly being conducted in accordance with the quality procedures of ISO 17025:2017 NABL. However, the research facility empowers us to go beyond routine procedures and experiment with various case studies in a small-scale environment. The general methodology of the experimental small-scale studies includes the evaluation of the dimensional similitude of the field case, construction of the small-scale model in a non-deformable strong box with front glass panel, application of the case-specific loading on the model, sequential image capture and acquisitions of the deformations in the model, Image analysis of the acquired images with respect to time frame, evaluation of the load-deformation behavior, evaluation of the failure patterns and concluding the study in conjunction with a field case study. Once the correlation of the small-scale model is established with the behavioral pattern of the field case, the small-scale modeling is further extended to the parametric variations and their influence on the structures' behavior.
Test Equipments
Being a reliable consultant in geotechnical engineering in the market, we are equipped with a comprehensive laboratory (NABL accredited for more than 100 parameters) along with various setups for field tests as well. The laboratory is divided into different segments like Cement & concrete, Geotechnical, and transportation engineering. This facilitates and empowers us to evaluate the various material parameters as per the standard codal procedures such as IS Code, ASTM, BS codes, etc. Please click here, to know more about our laboratory equipment and other details.
Technical training.
Technical training program for Civil engineering Industry.
Booming civil and infrastructure requirements in India as well as in various parts of the world generate the requirement for technically competent organizations to provide services for various civil engineering projects. Human resources, specifically civil engineers of the company play a major role in the effective execution of the project. It has to be agreed by various role players in the industry that there is a consistent gap in academia and the applicability of the knowledge in real projects.
Our Ecosystem Philosophy.
It is a big challenge to mold employees in the right direction toward the scope of the work of the particular organization. Many organizations try to put their efforts to train their human resource for different associated information which generally falls in the category of corporate training. Though proven effective, corporate training generally makes the employee understand the company, and follow routine etiquette, communications, organizational structure, etc. However, the main criteria to be a successful organization in the market shall mostly be dependent on the understanding, knowledge, and applicability of the knowledge of the employee in a particular domain he/she or the organization works in.
Being a technically sound organization, Provatsalya consulting services Pvt Ltd happily plays a part to fill this gap in the employees' perception and the actual technical reasoning of the particular civil engineering design they are looking at. We do conduct technical training programs which are completely flexible to understand the work of the company, defining the groups of the engineers as per their roles and responsibilities, creating the required teaching materials as per the groups, relevant documentation, certifications, and associated activities. The understanding enhancement of the employees after training is also assessed with different quizzes which ultimately helps the organizations to decide on the course of action to be taken to promote technically better engineers and/or to develop technically average performers.
Faculty Expertise
We are proudly empowered with experts like Dr. Abhinav Mane (Ph.D., IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India). Dr. Teja Munaga (Ph.D., NIT Warangal). Our main strength is that these faculty experts are full-time contributors to the company. This makes our training programs more dedicated, organization-centric, specifically designed, and flexible to organizations' availability. Having a wide range of experience with strong academic achievements makes our experts more relevant, efficient, penetrative, and engaging to learners.
Research Avenue and Networking across the geotechnical community.
Technical training program for Civil Engineering Industry.
Many students and researchers are working presently in the geotechnical domain and willing to bring something new to the community. The majority of the time they may get stuck or may find some difficulty to reach some desired milestones. Despite having huge potential, such students and researchers may get stuck because of limited exposure and vision.
There also can be different issues these students might be facing because of limited guidance, limited resources, or other. Being a leading role player in the industry, we understand our responsibility towards academia, potential researchers and the upcoming performers in the industry. With this responsibility, we are very much open to discussing with different researchers, Ph.D. students, M.Tech students, or someone curious about geotechnical engineering. For this, we may be contacted on the following helpline (Mobile no. or messenger link?) 24 by 7. We believe that a properly guided student may serve the nation better and also has the policy to provide these consultations to the students/academia free of cost.
Case studies of post-failure analysis.
Different infrastructural elements such as Dams, bridges, soil slopes, Highways, buried pipes, buildings, etc. are regularly being constructed and utilized to serve the community over the past few decades. During the service life of these structures, sometimes some events may trigger and may cause distress, partial damage, or complete failure of the structure or a portion of the structure. Situations like these have a major impact on the safety and well-being of the surrounding community and do require immediate actions to prevent losses. Provatsalya consulting services provides complete consultancy to such projects right from the immediate preventive actions to the remedial measures to bring the structure to its serviceability again. The process of Understanding and Accumulation, Research, Exploring and solution mapping, Publication Simplification, modeling, and in-lab onboarding. Also, At-Scale Porting & Applicable insights handoff is consistently followed to meet the desired outcomes from our services in such cases. Our unique, established and consistent procedures also help in the exact categorization of the reasons for failures. This facilitates the relevant solution mapping and the exact extent of the work required to be done. Which ultimately results in cost economization of the particular project and a higher probability of a better service life of the structure again.
Continuous Learning & Exploring on challenges & technical problems.
As the father of soil mechanics Karl Terzhaghi rightly said, " Soil is a natural material and brings various challenges with it in terms of its behavior, seasonal changes, and other natural or manmade events." So, we consider it our moral responsibility to carefully assess every one of our projects in various dimensions and examine these cases through existing codes, research publications, small-scale and numerical modeling, etc. This gives us the unique opportunity to continuously learn, examine, study and explore various research and technical problems associated. Further, we also engage ourselves to put efforts into the generalization of our findings and make those more applicable to the different problems arising in various parts of the world through our publications.
Published Research
We love to publish our work.
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